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What You Need to Bring to Your Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

Important items to bring to your initial bankruptcy consultation so that your attorney gets a good outlook on your situation.

1. Six Months of Bank Statements

This would be from all accounts that you and/or your spouse have an ownership interest in.

2. Six Months Pay Stubs From All Employers

This is part of what your attorney will need to determine if you qualify for a Chapter 7 filing. Bring yours and your spouse's even if your spouse is not filing.

3. List of Monthly Expenses

Do the best you can to itemize all of your monthly expenses. Consider everything that you spend money on from obvious things like rent and utilities to less obvious items such as cigarettes and clothing, for example.

4. The Name, Address, Account Number and Balance for All Creditors

Make a list so your lawyer doesn't have to waste time going through unopened bills. Attach a statement for each creditor to your itemization. It is helpful to attach a credit report if you have one.

5. An Itemization of All Your Assets

Make a list of all assets along with a fair market value. For household goods, you should list the "garage sale value." If you have proof of the value of your home or motor vehicle, bring that as well.