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  • Not only my lawyer for life, but also a good friend.
    A few years back after my father passed away I had to sell his house. The guy that helped me sell gave me half the money and ran. It was at this point I met with Leno Thomas. I have used his office before for an injury case and was very pleased. This was going to be a collections matter. From day one, Leno sat me down and explained everything very thoroughly so that i would know what to expect because in a case like this, if the defendants do not have any money in the bank it could take a very long time to collect, if ever. After a few years of waiting and pretty much giving up, I received a call from Leno stating that he has collected the money. We negotiated a fair payment and now consider this case closed. I am very happy with the outcome and am happy to say that I would consider Leno not only my lawyer for life, but also a good friend. He is very personable and will do what is needed for you to win.

    - Bill

  • I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Jerry was my attorney through a very difficult, protracted divorce from a truly unreasonable person. His guidance was ALWAYS correct, and he knew from experience which battles to fight, and which would be expensive and futile, no matter how upset I was. Perhaps of most value is his reputation in the county courthouses. He has such a reputation as a reasonable attorney with reasonable solutions and proposals, someone who clearly has talked clients down from the ledge and gotten them to be realistic. This means that when he proposes a settlement or a solution, everybody listens. THIS is the person to have on your side. Yes, sometimes it's hard to hear, "you're absolutely right, but you'd be wasting your time and money and we would not win that point." But he's right. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    - Karen

  • You can tell that he genuinely cares about his clients.

    Jerry was extremely attentive, explained everything clearly, understood the finances around my case was extremely responsive to emails and phone calls. He makes you feel comfortable but is also a very well-informed Lawyer who is willing to go the extra mile for you. You can tell that he genuinely cares about his clients. Overall, he did a great job for me and I would highly recommend him.

    - Former Client

  • I couldn't ask for a better advocate, adviser and confidant.

    I retained Mr Berschler based on his reputation and several recommendations that held him in the highest regard. He is known for his extensive expertise in all phases of family law and domestic relations. I interviewed several lawyers and he was by far the one I felt most comfortable with and won my confidence. My situation was highly complex and contentious. After I hired him I found his advice to be spot on and consistently impressed me with his vast knowledge of the numerous personal, financial and litigation issues that arise in a divorce. I found him very competent and professional and has practiced before an all the judges in the Family Court and was familiar with the court personnel.

    Moreover, his extensive experience anticipated and illuminated the issues important to the court and allowed for proper preparation in advance of the numerous hearings in my case. The communications and support from him and his staff was thorough and consistent throughout the litigation process. He looked out for me and made me feel protected. His calm demeanor and compassion helped reduce the stress and anxiety that accompanied my divorce. I couldn't ask for a better advocate, adviser and confidant. I can recommend Mr Berschler without reservation. I am very so very grateful for him on my side.

    - Mark

  • Really got the job done and got me a result that was even better than I had hoped for.

    I am so lucky to have found Jerry to handle my case. Not only is he an amazing, experienced lawyer with an excellent reputation in the legal community, he is one of the kindest most genuinely caring people I have ever met. He was so responsive and communicative and made me feel important and cared for. He is a sharp, smart attorney who advocates for his client’s 100%. He really got the job done and got me a result that was even better than I had hoped for. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

    - Andrea

  • Ethical, supportive, smart ...

    Jerry has handled quite a few personal injury cases for me and several of my friends over the years. In all cases, he was truly advocating for the underdog and went far and beyond to seek relief and ensure medical and occupational parity.

    Additionally, I have called him to help with all kinds of legal issues, e.g disputes with auto insurance companies, family custody arrangements and other issues that require sensitive expertise such as his.

    In all cases, Jerry focused his incredible energy on the human side of the issue as well and worked diligently to equitably enable us to work out situations that would have been intolerable without his support.

    Ethical, supportive, smart, witty...we count him as a family friend!

    - Judith

  • Up most professionalism and it was definitely affordable.

    Word cannot express enough how Mr. Campbell helped me out tremendously with this case. I currently live in Florida and this was a criminal case in Pennsylvania. Not only did he handle this case for me with the up most professionalism and it was definitely affordable. This Case was settled in less than 2 weeks. I would recommend Mr. Campbell to anyone who has a challenge in the state of PA.

    - Oscar

  • Brendan negotiated a great settlement for me.
    Brendan negotiated a great settlement for me under which any potential points were eliminated and I paid a small fine. He carefully walked me through what to expect, and made sure everything went smoothly.

    - Marcie

  • He effectively argued our case and won it for us.

    We are sincerely grateful to Brendan Campbell for appearing on our behalf in a contractor dispute case. He effectively argued our case and won it for us. He is very professional and meticulous in conducting the case. We would highly recommend him, when you need a good lawyer to represent. Thanks Brendan for all your help.

    - Former Client

  • One of the best in the county, experienced, professional, & successful!

    I have been a client of Brendan's since 2011, involving all criminal cases which would be eight arrest plus a few search warrants. Brendan represented my brother twice in criminal cases. He even represented my mother in two civil cases involving her rental properties. Now in my opinion: He's extremely experienced involving criminal defense (Spoke highly of by numerous inmates at my stays within MCCF). He's very intelligent, knowledgeable, and skilled. He's very popular throughout Montgomery County, while well respected within numerous surrounding counties.

    Lastly: He has had two felony arrest dismissed at the prelim. Had a very violent felony ONE assault reduced to an F3.. Had another felony withdrawn during the process Roughly 13 Misdemeanors dismissed, He's unbelievable at the amount of difficult tasks he can face & succeed. His future should consist of being a judge considering the amount of education, experience, and the level of respect he has total earned in the eyes of any every individual who has met him.

    Word of advice... don't waste money on a lawyer whose results are very disappointing, while Brendan has the capability of exceeding the positive results. I've done little time for serious chargers and many arrest because Brendan Campbell is IMPRESSIVE, will continue to win achievements/awards, & definitely will continue to give clients the best outcome that is possible.

    He cares about his clients and their families as humans rather than viewing them as money.. My opinion to the utmost best results involving the case would be for you to make an excellent decision by using Mr. Campbell as your lawyer, who excels writhing every category of criminal law!

    - Ian

  • I would recommend him to anyone.

    Brendan is a wonderful lawyer that has helped my husband with his case for two years. He did everything he could to help him and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Michelle

  • I highly recommend him.

    Very professional, gets the work done. You feel very comfortable and I highly recommend him.

    - Marisol