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Falls the leading cause of fatal injury among older Americans

While today’s older Americans face additional environmental hazards during the wintertime that may make them more likely to take a tumble. In truth, numerous factors at play year-round make them more likely to fall and hurt themselves. Falls have become so commonplace among seniors nowadays that they, per the National Council on Aging, have become the leading cause of fatal injury and non-fatal traumatic hospital visits among Americans ages 65 and older.

Just how many older Americans are falling each year, and how much do associated expenditures cost the nation?

Can a drug conviction impact financial aid eligibility?

Receiving a conviction for a drug-related criminal charge can mean considerable consequences, and you may find yourself facing jail time, sizable fines, substance abuse treatment requirements and related repercussions. If you are a college student who is currently receiving financial aid at the time you receive your drug charge, you may, too, lose your financial aid eligibility, potentially hindering your ability to continue your education.

In fact, virtually any type of drug conviction can lead to a loss of financial aid for a period. However, how long you can expect to lose financial aid access in the wake of a drug conviction depends on several factors, including the severity of your drug crime and whether you already have a drug-related criminal history.

Pedestrian fatalities hit 25-year high

Pennsylvania sees its fair share of traffic deaths every year, but the number of pedestrian fatalities has actually increased in recent years in the United States. The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that approximately 6,000 pedestrians died in 2017 from car accidents. The total number of fatalities has risen in the last few years, but it recently hit a 25-year high, and it is cause for concern, especially since the number of fatalities when an accident involves two vehicles has decreased within the same time frame. 

Although Pennsylvania does not end up in the top five states for pedestrian fatalities, far too many people lose their lives due to a litany of factors contributing to these types of collisions in the state. Both pedestrians and drivers behind the wheel need to be cautious to limit the number of deaths that take place on roadways. 

3 crimes that cause a license suspension in Pennsylvania

Your driver license gives you a significant amount of freedom. With a license, you can conveniently drive yourself to work, school or anything else.

Losing your driving privileges due to a criminal charge or motor vehicle violation is devastating and frustrating. Here are some of the ways you may face a license suspension or revocation under Pennsylvania law.

What is the difference between simple and aggravated assault?

If you face assault charges in Pennsylvania, you may have questions about exactly what law enforcement officers allege you did. In addition, you may not know that Pennsylvania has two types of assault: simple and aggravated. The former is a misdemeanor, while the latter is a felony, so their penalties are significantly different depending on which one you allegedly committed and whether or not the prosecutor can actually prove that you committed it.

Basically, either type of assault charge in Pennsylvania means that the officer who arrested you believed you attempted to harm someone, even if you did not succeed in your alleged attempt.

Can I erase my criminal record in Pennsylvania?

A criminal record can negatively affect many areas of your life, especially regarding your career and educational opportunities. Job applications and educational institutions often require information regarding whether you have been previously arrested or convicted of a crime.

One way to alleviate this issue is by going through the process of criminal record expungement. This is a process that allows you to erase your criminal record. In Pennsylvania, there are specific steps you must take to go through the procedure. A criminal defense attorney can assist you in the process required to clean your record and can advise you on whether it is possible in your particular case.

Bill Cosby Found Guilty in Sexual Assault Case Retrial, Brendan Campbell Provides Insight

In a historic event, actor and comedian Bill Cosby has been charged with a guilty verdict on 3 accounts of sexual assault. Firm partner Brendan Campbell appeared on 6 ABC Action News as a legal analyst to provide insight on what the outcome means for former icon.

3 big mistakes you do not want to make after a car crash

Each year, many Pennsylvanians lose their lives as a result of car accidents. However, that is a minority of cases. Most people sustain injuries and vehicle damage, such as two people hurt in a car crash in Bucks County on April 30th. 

Following a crash, you want the police to come out to make a report. You also want to contact your insurance agency and see a doctor to have any injuries diagnosed. While there is a lot to do, there is an equal amount you want to avoid, or else you will make your accident claim much harder on yourself and your attorney. 

Heavy furniture can be deadly for young children

You just purchased a large-screen television and cannot wait to set it up. A low chest of drawers in your living room is the perfect spot for your new appliance. However, did you think what might happen if you have a small child in the house? As you know, children are curious and are always exploring their surroundings. Like many Pennsylvania parents, you might have taken steps to childproof your home without realizing the dangers that heavy furniture and appliances present.

You may have heard about the tragic incident from a few weeks ago, during which a toddler suffered fatal injuries when a full-length mirror fell on top of her at a Payless ShoeSource store. Initial investigations indicated that the company had not securely mounted the mirror to the wall. Heavy home furnishings pose the same risks if owners do not properly secure them. The following types of furniture and appliances, found in nearly every home across the country, may seriously or fatally injure your child if they topple over:

  • Major appliances, such as television sets, home computers or microwave ovens
  • Tall or top-heavy dressers, cabinets and tables
  • Large, heavy decorative items, such as ceramic or stone vases, urns, mirrors or picture frames
  • Fish tanks and terrariums

Do not post about car accident injuries on social media

There are several things you need to make sure you do after a car accident. You must make sure not to leave the scene. After that, you need to exchange insurance information, take photographs of the scene and see a doctor. 

One action to never do after an auto accident is go on social media to talk about it. While many people have gotten used to going on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to talk about everything in their lives, you need to keep this incident to yourself. You will only end up harming your case should this event go to court. 

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