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Do you know where your will is?

If you know where your will is--great! Surprisingly, it is not unheard of for wills to get lost or forgotten about, especially as time passes. For example, say that you decided to keep your will in your home office's desk. A few years later, you are reorganizing the contents of your desk, and the will gets placed accidentally with papers that you intend to throw out. Or, suppose you chose to keep your will in the attic. Maybe one day, your daughter came over to get clothes that she kept in the attic and, by mistake, took your will. It also happens that people move and leave wills behind in their old homes.

So, all this leads to the very good question: "Where should you keep your will?" Here is a look at your options.

Importance of expunging juvenile records

There is a process available that can make it immensely easier to obtain employment in the future even with a criminal record. This is expungement, and it is the process of sealing criminal records so that misdemeanors do not show up on a background check. While it can be tough to get a record expunged, many Americans do not even attempt the process simply because they do not know about it. 

Expungement can be extremely beneficial, especially if a person committed a crime while still a minor. A mistake made while someone was still a teenager should not impact him or her throughout life. There are many factors a judge considers in these cases, including the person's age at the time of the crime, the degree of the offense and the overall criminal history. 

What are the advantages of full tort car insurance?

In Pennsylvania, you can choose limited tort car insurance or full tort. Limited tort is cheaper, so it can seem appealing up front. However, it is worth your while to find out about the advantages of full tort.

Steps for pedestrians to take after getting hit by a car

Car accidents are bad enough, but getting hit with a vehicle when you are just a pedestrian becomes even more dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 129,000 pedestrians suffered non-fatal injuries after getting hit by a car. That data is for 2015 alone. 

In the event you suffer a serious injury, you need to go to a hospital right away. Hopefully your injuries will not be that severe. Even in these instances, there are still steps to take to ensure the protection of your rights. Anyone hit by a car who seems fine should ultimately follow these steps to protect themselves. 

What happens after a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania?

You probably are very nervous and unsure following your first DUI arrest. You may wonder how it will affect your life and if it is possible to avoid the consequences. It may seem unfair for you to have to face such serious penalties for one stupid mistake you will never make again.

The two things you have control over at this point are hiring a criminal defense attorney and knowing what to expect following your arrest so you can be prepared.

2 non-driving crimes that could get your license suspended

It might be obvious that you could get a license suspension for a DUI offense, but did you know there are multiple non-driving offenses that result in license suspension in Pennsylvania? While fines, jail time and probation are bad enough, not having a driver's license makes it difficult to get to work and simply enjoy your life.

You might not expect to lose your license after an arrest for something completely unrelated to driving. Below is a look at some non-driving crimes that could restrict your driving privileges in Pennsylvania.

What to do if you are unable to make child support payments

Sometimes previously court-ordered child support obligations turn out to be unfeasible. If you are having trouble making child support payments due to losing your job, experiencing a change in income or sustaining a serious injury, you might be desperate to change your child support arrangement.

Thankfully, child support modification is possible. Here are some tips to follow as you begin the process of modifying your obligations.

Pennsylvania's drug offenders need treatment, not jail time

If you have ever struggled with drug addiction, you probably know it takes more than just a strong desire to get clean. Pennsylvania's drug courts are designed not only to give the state's drug offenders an alternative to incarceration, but also to give them the incentive and the tools to kick their habits for good so that they do not end up coming back through the court system.

If you are charged with a drug-related crime, you may want ask about the possibility of having your case handled in drug court. Research has shown that drug courts work. Drug courts have a proven record of success. According to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, in addition to helping addict offenders go to prison, drug courts also:

How pedestrians can protect themselves

Pedestrians are at risk every time they tie their shoelaces and venture outside. In fact, about 66,000 got hurt in 2013, and nearly 5,000 died, according to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drivers should do many things to keep pedestrians-and themselves-safe, but if you are on foot, you can help, too. Here's how.

How to keep yourself from getting into car accidents

Car accidents are extremely common, and no one can predict when one will happen. However, preventative measures such as the following can minimize the chances that you are involved in an accident.

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