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Head-on crashes are devastating but can be avoidable

Of all the kinds of automobile collisions that can take place, one of the most dangerous is a head-on crash. When you think about how a head-on crash takes place, you can imagine both vehicles traveling at speed hitting one another. The force in an impact like this is much stronger than the force in a crash where both vehicles are traveling at the same speed.

A frontal crash like this is more likely to result in serious harm or fatalities than other kinds. One reason for this is because the individuals inside the vehicles are more likely to be stopped abruptly.

Do not accidentally violate parole

When you get out on parole, they are going to give you a list of things that you are not allowed to do. If you do them anyway, you violate the terms of your parole and you can get arrested again.

In some cases, these issues can be fairly obvious and you may never violate your parole accidentally. Say you got arrested on drug charges. You cannot use or sell illegal drugs without violating the terms of the parole, and they will take you back to prison when caught. Since this activity is already illegal, though, that should be clear to you from the beginning.

How Pennsylvania police spot a drunk driver

Anyone can get a DUI. In many cases, it's not a pattern of behavior. It's just one night when someone had a little too much to drink. That single mistake can lead to charges that will cost them an incredible amount of money and that can haunt them for years.

After all, you have to look at more than just the initial fines. What do you need to pay in court fees? Do you miss time at work after an arrest? Could you lose your job? Does losing your license mean you can't work or can't get a new job? Do you have to pay more for car insurance? The expense of a DUI can go far beyond the first fines you see.

Cellphone use isn't the main road distraction

Distracted driving takes many different forms, but, if you ask the general public what it means, they'll probably point to cellphones. A lot of press over the last few years has gone into the issue of texting and driving, using social media while driving, and the like.

Cellphone use is dangerous. It is an issue. You want to avoid it every time you drive. Never assume it's safe.

How much does a Pennsylvania DUI affect auto insurance rates?

Chances are, once you get a conviction for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania on your driving record, you hope to start putting your past behind you as soon as possible. For several reasons, though, you may find putting your conviction in your past particularly difficult. You may, too, find that the financial repercussions associated with your crime continue to haunt you long after your day in court.

As you may be well aware, a drunk driving conviction can cost you a substantial amount of money when all is said and done. This typically holds true regardless of whether you are a first-time offender or a repeat one. You can expect to have to pay fines that can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as much as $10,000, depending on circumstances. Also, you may have to pay to install and maintain an ignition interlock device on your vehicle if you have driven while drunk in the past.

Making a good start on estate planning

Perhaps you and your spouse are awaiting the birth of your first child, or maybe you are approaching retirement. Whatever your circumstances, it dawns on you that you have not even made a will.

This is a good time to begin thinking about such matters. What are the best tools to have when you are starting to build your estate plan?

Property division in a Pennsylvania divorce

When getting a divorce, one of the questions you may have is what will happen to your property. You may worry about losing valuable assets or not getting as much as you deserve.

While the process is complex and unique to each couple's circumstances, there are general rules that regulate property division in Pennsylvania. Knowing what they are can give you an idea of what to expect.

Your employer should protect you against chemical exposure

The state of Pennsylvania is one of the leading hubs of industrial production and manufacturing in the United States. These jobs represent 12% of the Pennsylvania workforce, as reported by Newsmax. Though this figure seems small, it is actually the largest industry in the state.

With so many individuals working in these jobs, employee safety is paramount, especially when it comes to chemical exposure. An illness caused by inhalation of harmful toxins may take a long time to show itself, and treatment could be less effective by then. There are certain things your employer should do to support your health.

Reasons to always see a doctor after a car accident

Occasionally, it is readily apparent when someone needs to go to the hospital after a car accident. For example, in Fawn Township, slick road conditions led to a two-car crash that resulted in one person needing to go to the nearest hospital. 

In other cases, however, injuries may not be readily apparent. You may feel fine after a collision and think you just need to get in touch with your auto insurance agency after the incident. However, you should always see a doctor no matter how good you feel. You seriously jeopardize your car accident claim when you neglect to see a doctor within 24 hours of the crash. 

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