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Navigating Complex Immigration Issues in Montgomery County

Immigration issues are complicated, and there is little room for error. A small mistake on some paperwork can cost months, sometimes even years. These mistakes can be expensive too. Thankfully, they can be avoided with the help of a seasoned lawyer.

At Solomon, Berschler, Campbell & Thomas, P.C., in Norristown, Pennsylvania, we can assist with all immigration law matters. Whether you are an individual who needs help bringing a family member to the United States, an employer attempting to bring an employee in from overseas or an immigrant working to overcome any legal issue, we can provide the guidance you need. Our goal is to help you navigate the process as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive Immigration Services

Our attorneys can assist with obtaining visas of all kinds. We bring more than 30 years of experience to citizenship and naturalization issues. We handle all phases of the various processes, from the initial documentation to immigration appeals.

We take pride in working closely with people in these issues. When you choose us to help you get a visa or to handle any other immigration matter, you can expect frequent updates. These processes often take time, and while our goal is to move through them as swiftly as possible, we also make certain that you are never left wondering what is happening with your case. We will remain accessible, so you can contact us any time a question comes up.

Immigration & Criminal Law

If you or a loved one has been threatened with deportation because a visa has expired, because of alleged criminal conduct or for any other reason, we encourage you to get in touch with our lawyers as quickly as possible. We will explore all options.

As a law firm that handles both immigration and criminal law, we are well-positioned to defend immigrants who have been accused of crimes. We know how a criminal case can impact an immigration case, so you can be confident that we will make recommendations that will not only protect you from criminal penalties, but also protect your immigration status.

Skilled Handling of Immigration Appeals

If you are unhappy with the results of an immigration case, you may be able to pursue an appeal through the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). This is a unique legal process that requires the attention of a skilled attorney. At Solomon, Berschler, Campbell & Thomas, P.C., we can serve as your advocates through the immigration appeals process.

When Can You Appeal an Immigration Case?

You may want to pursue an appeal if a visa application has been rejected by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or you have lost a removal proceeding in immigration court and are threatened with deportation. However, it is important to understand that there must be grounds to pursue an appeal. An unfavorable result may not be sufficient.

For example, if you believe the loss of a deportation case was the result of errors made by an immigration court judge or during the removal proceeding, you may have grounds for an appeal. Perhaps important evidence was overlooked. Perhaps testimony was not heard.

Similarly, if you believe something was overlooked by USCIS when considering your visa application, you may have reason to pursue an appeal. Our Norristown, Pennsylvania, lawyers are prepared to carefully review your immigration case and determine whether you have appellate opportunities.

Immigration Appeals Are Unique

A loss in immigration court means that you can be removed from the United States. There may be no further opportunities for permanent resident status. It is important that you choose a lawyer who knows that immigrations appeals are unique, even from other appellate matters, and is prepared to navigate the process with your interests at heart.

Immigration Appeal Case Evaluation

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