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Top Five Reasons Why You Need a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

This guide provides meaningful answers to the frequent question, "Do I need a lawyer".

1. It Costs You Nothing

Even if you are presently receiving benefits, it costs you nothing to retain a lawyer unless the insurance company tries to cut off or reduce your benefits. Prior to that time, your attorney can help ensure that you avoid litigation and make your case as strong as possible for the time when the insurance company does file a petition to try to change your benefits.

2. To Guarantee That You Are Receiving the Right Amount of Money

Your employer and their insurance company initially determine what you are owed in workers' compensation benefits, but they are often incorrect. You may be entitled to a retroactive increase plus interest. Even a small change per week can make a big difference over a long period of time. In addition, it can affect the size of a potential settlement as well.

3. To Act as Your Go-Between

A lawyer will act as a go-between with the insurance company and advise you regarding independent medical examinations, vocational rehabilitation, return to work issues, etc. If your check is late or your bills are not being paid, your lawyer will assure that they are paid.

4. To Stay One Step Ahead of the Insurance Company

If and when the insurance company files a petition to alter your benefits, you will already have an attorney ready to defend you.

5. To Maximize the Value of Your Case

A lawyer will explain to you how insurance companies value claims and will negotiate the highest possible settlement.