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Your employer should protect you against chemical exposure

The state of Pennsylvania is one of the leading hubs of industrial production and manufacturing in the United States. These jobs represent 12% of the Pennsylvania workforce, as reported by Newsmax. Though this figure seems small, it is actually the largest industry in the state.

With so many individuals working in these jobs, employee safety is paramount, especially when it comes to chemical exposure. An illness caused by inhalation of harmful toxins may take a long time to show itself, and treatment could be less effective by then. There are certain things your employer should do to support your health.

Proper training and resources

As a worker in an unfamiliar environment, it is the responsibility of your employer to provide you with all the information you need to stay healthy. Thorough training on equipment operation and emergency protocols is the bare minimum you should receive.

The facility should also be rich with safety warnings, hazard alerts or any other details you may need to know. Production managers should mark off dangerous areas with proper signage. Awareness is important in avoiding risk.

Personal protective equipment

Your boss should also provide you, free of charge, with any necessary protective gear. This may be full-body suits, breathing masks, skin protection or eye protection. Because these accessories protect your health, they are basic necessities that should come with employment.

Regular maintenance and inspections

Well-functioning machinery and equipment should vent dangerous chemicals or filter them, so they are no longer harmful. To ensure each feature does its job, a safety manager should execute routine inspections. Some equipment may need maintenance at specific intervals, and your employer has a duty to follow through with this schedule with no exceptions.

If you work in an industrial factory and recently became sick, think back to your work environment. If you suspect your employer was not delivering on any of these principles, you may be able to hold the company liable for your current medical condition.

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