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Do Not Post About Car Accident Injuries on Social Media

There are several things you need to make sure you do after a car accident. You must make sure not to leave the scene. After that, you need to exchange insurance information, take photographs of the scene and see a doctor. 

One action to never do after an auto accident is go on social media to talk about it. While many people have gotten used to going on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to talk about everything in their lives, you need to keep this incident to yourself. You will only end up harming your case should this event go to court. 

Photos can harm an insurance claim

Part of your insurance claim involves getting the agency to pay for any medical bills you have. Depending on the severity of the collision, you may require medication or physical therapy. However, your insurance company will most likely look for any excuse to deny or reduce your claim. For example, you may state you have certain injuries. A week later, a friend of yours posts a photo of you dancing on Facebook. Your insurance provider could use that photo to claim you were not as badly hurt as you initially claimed. You should never assume you have any privacy on social media. Even if you altered your settings, you should always assume insurance adjusters and lawyers will have access to it. 

Innocuous statements can have big impacts

Posts you make related to the accident can also work against you. Even if you think a statement does not mean anything, the other side can use it for their own purposes. For instance, you may make a long Facebook post where you include the statement, "I crashed my car." This does not mean anything specific, and you probably just wanted everyone to know what happened. However, the other side's attorneys can use that statement to show how you admitted that you "crashed." You were the one at fault. It is best to simply say nothing.