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2 Non-Driving Crimes That Could Get Your License Suspended

It might be obvious that you could get a license suspension for a DUI offense, but did you know there are multiple non-driving offenses that result in license suspension in Pennsylvania? While fines, jail time and probation are bad enough, not having a driver's license makes it difficult to get to work and simply enjoy your life.

You might not expect to lose your license after an arrest for something completely unrelated to driving. Below is a look at some non-driving crimes that could restrict your driving privileges in Pennsylvania.

1. Drug possession

Any drug-related crime can result in a driver's license suspension. Trafficking or distributing drugs is a felony according to Pennsylvania law and also results in a driver's license revocation. While some charges of possession are very different than trafficking, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will also suspend your license for only a conviction of possession. Even if you possess a small amount of marijuana, it could result in a six-month suspension for your first offense. For a second possession charge, the suspension is one year. 

2. Underage drinking

If you are under the legal drinking age of 21, you cannot purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. PennDOT has the right to suspend your license if you are underage and receive a conviction for an underage drinking crime. There is no requirement for you to be operating a motor vehicle – all you have to be doing is possessing or drinking alcohol.

While a license suspension may seem unfair for a non-driving offense, that is the way the law works. It is important to never make assumptions about the penalties of your conviction. If you ever get charged with these offenses or get your license suspended for another reason, it is in your best interests to speak with a criminal defense attorney so that you may be able to maintain certain driving privileges.