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Moving Forward With Life Following a Criminal Conviction

Imagine that after being convicted of a crime you have done your time, repaid your debt to society and want to start fresh, only to find that despite your best efforts you aren't able to move forward with your life. A conviction on your record can make it difficult to get a job or even find a place to live.

This is the reality for many individuals in the state of Pennsylvania who have been convicted of crimes. As the result of a law passed earlier this year, some people who find themselves in this situation may now be able to have their conviction expunged from their record.

Qualifying individuals

Not everyone convicted of a crime will be eligible to take advantage of this change. With a few exceptions, it is specifically geared toward those who have been convicted of second-or third-degree misdemeanors. In addition, those seeking to have their criminal records sealed have to be free from any other criminal conviction for the period of 10 years. While it is possible that people of all ages could seek to have their records expunged, it may particularly be of interest to those who were convicted of a second or third degree misdemeanor as a young person.

Preventing a conviction from occurring

While there is no question this change is a step in the right direction for those who qualify, with the 10 year waiting period, it is not a quick fix. Undoubtedly, the best thing anyone who has been accused of a crime can do is seek help from a criminal defense lawyer. The lawyers at Solomon, Berschler, Fabick, Campbell & Thomas, P.C. fight for their clients at trial but also understand the importance of securing an expungement when possible. To learn more about how they may help you regardless of the position you are in, please see their website.