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How to Pick the Right Lawyer

This guide provides the reader with tips on selecting the right lawyer to handle his or her legal issue. Picking the right lawyer is as important as selecting the right doctor. You wouldn't go to a urologist if you had a bad back? A lawyer's specialty is sometimes hard to pin down.

1. County Bar Association

In Pennsylvania, each county has a lawyer referral service that will refer you to an attorney who holds him or herself out as a practitioner in a particular area of the law. If they are holding themselves out as a specialist in that area, more than likely, they are more than a "dabbler."

2. Friends and Family

If you have a friend or family member who used a lawyer and was happy with the service he or she received, that lawyer may work well for you. However, if your friend used the lawyer for a divorce and you have a criminal matter they are not necessarily the right lawyer.

3. Newspaper Articles

Many local newspapers have legal columns written by lawyers. In addition, lawyers are often interviewed for newspaper articles. If they are discussing a topic, which involves the type of legal matter that you are dealing with, they may be right for you.

4. Yellow Pages

As odd as it may sound, the Yellow Pages can be an excellent resource for narrowing down a lawyer's specialty. If the lawyer spent money to advertise a particular practice area then he or she is more than likely experienced in that area.

5. The Internet

Sites like Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell are good resources for selecting a lawyer.