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Sometimes, it is to your advantage to settle a workers' compensation claim rather than try and litigate the issue. However, there are also times where you may be able to maximize the amount by keeping the benefits schedule in place that is available under Pennsylvania workers' compensation law. Having an experienced attorney who can evaluate your options and help you make a decision can be a critical asset when deciding which path to choose.

At Solomon, Berschler, Campbell & Thomas, P.C. , we have been helping people throughout Pennsylvania make decisions about how to proceed with a workers' compensation claim for over 30 years. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your legal needs and options concerning a workers' compensation case.

What Are the Risks of Settling a Claim?

In Pennsylvania, there are four main benefits : wage loss, medical, specific loss and death benefits. Usually, a settlement involves releasing the insurance company from their obligation to pay all benefits. However, sometimes an injured worker may retain some types of benefits (typically medical) and that would reduce the value of the settlement, but may be in the best interests of the injured worker.

What Did You Earn Before You Were Injured?

When you are injured, the insurance company calculates your "average weekly wage" (AWW). This is the single most important factor in valuing your claim. If it was miscalculated, it can reduce the value of the settlement. One of the benefits of having our attorneys on your side is that we will evaluate whether the benefits you are owed were calculated properly. If you have two injured workers with identical jobs and identical injuries, but one earns more than the other does, the one with the higher AWW has a higher valued settlement.

What Is Your Benefit Rate?

The benefit rate is calculated based upon your AWW. The attorneys in our firm can help you prove your benefits may have been miscalculated if the AWW is not accurate or your employer submitted incorrect information to their insurance company.

What Is Your Earning Potential?

This needs to be compared to your pre-injury AWW to determine the likelihood and amount of future benefits. The greater the disparity the greater the value.

Why Should You Have an Attorney On Your Side for a Workmen's Comp Settlement?

If you try to settle your workers' comp claim without an attorney, the insurance company is likely to "low-ball" your claim. Only an attorney can properly evaluate your claim and maximize its value. We can also help try and secure the largest lump sum settlement. We can also structure your settlement to maximize your right to receive other benefits such as Social Security Disability and Medicare.

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