Fight Removal Proceedings

When a removal proceeding leads to deportation, it will be very difficult for you to return to the United States. That is the way the system works. Needless to say, it is critical that you have strong deportation defense representation if you have been threatened with removal.

Holding Immigration Authorities Accountable

There are many issues that can lead to a removal proceeding. Perhaps your visa has expired or you allegedly violated the terms of the visa. Perhaps you are accused of using falsified documentation to obtain a visa, or otherwise entering the country illegally. Perhaps you were convicted of a crime. Whatever the case may be, you need to know that immigration authorities must have proof. There is a standard that must be met for the government to deport you, and we are committed to holding them accountable for meeting that standard.

At Solomon, Berschler, Campbell & Thomas, P.C., in Norristown, Pennsylvania, we approach deportation defense in the same aggressive manner we approach our criminal defense cases. We carefully review all the facts. We search for flaws in the case against you. When our immigration lawyers find flaws in the case, we expose the weaknesses in order to prevent deportation and keep you in the country.

If You Are An Immigrant Accused Of A Crime

Because we are both an immigration law and a criminal law firm, we can defend you against criminal charges as well as deportation. This is important. Attorneys who handle one or the other may not be prepared for the unique issues that arise when these issues overlap. For example, in a case where it might make perfect sense for a nonimmigrant to simply plead guilty to reduced charges, an immigrant might end up being deported.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so we can immediately defend you against criminal charges and, whenever possible, avoid a removal proceeding entirely.

Consultations About Deportation Defense

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