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Defending yourself after a probation violation

If you are currently on probation, it's likely you were able to avoid additional time in jail by agreeing to comply with the terms of your probation. However, probation can be difficult because the terms are likely to require that you do not engage in certain activities, refrain from contacting certain people, avoid certain places and pass all drug tests.

How much does a Pennsylvania DUI affect auto insurance rates?

Chances are, once you get a conviction for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania on your driving record, you hope to start putting your past behind you as soon as possible. For several reasons, though, you may find putting your conviction in your past particularly difficult. You may, too, find that the financial repercussions associated with your crime continue to haunt you long after your day in court.

Pennsylvania's drug offenders need treatment, not jail time

If you have ever struggled with drug addiction, you probably know it takes more than just a strong desire to get clean. Pennsylvania's drug courts are designed not only to give the state's drug offenders an alternative to incarceration, but also to give them the incentive and the tools to kick their habits for good so that they do not end up coming back through the court system.

Federal government recognizes opioid epidemic

States throughout the nation are dealing what many are characterizing as an opioid epidemic. People from all backgrounds are becoming addicted to the drugs, such as heroin and opioid drugs available via prescription. These addictions are leading to an increase in drug deals and overdoses. In the worst cases, users are dying. Residents of the state of Pennsylvania are not immune from this.

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