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Head-on crashes are devastating but can be avoidable

Of all the kinds of automobile collisions that can take place, one of the most dangerous is a head-on crash. When you think about how a head-on crash takes place, you can imagine both vehicles traveling at speed hitting one another. The force in an impact like this is much stronger than the force in a crash where both vehicles are traveling at the same speed.

Cellphone use isn't the main road distraction

Distracted driving takes many different forms, but, if you ask the general public what it means, they'll probably point to cellphones. A lot of press over the last few years has gone into the issue of texting and driving, using social media while driving, and the like.

How pedestrians can protect themselves

Pedestrians are at risk every time they tie their shoelaces and venture outside. In fact, about 66,000 got hurt in 2013, and nearly 5,000 died, according to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Drivers should do many things to keep pedestrians-and themselves-safe, but if you are on foot, you can help, too. Here's how.

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