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3 big mistakes you do not want to make after a car crash

Each year, many Pennsylvanians lose their lives as a result of car accidents. However, that is a minority of cases. Most people sustain injuries and vehicle damage, such as two people hurt in a car crash in Bucks County on April 30th. 

Following a crash, you want the police to come out to make a report. You also want to contact your insurance agency and see a doctor to have any injuries diagnosed. While there is a lot to do, there is an equal amount you want to avoid, or else you will make your accident claim much harder on yourself and your attorney. 

1. Admit any fault

You should always exchange insurance information with the other driver, but there is no need to say anything else. You should not even say, "I am sorry" because the other driver could infer this means you admitted fault for the collision. It is best to simply not say anything to the other driver. When the police come, you only need to provide facts. Do not make assumptions.

2. Not take photos of everything

You will help your insurance claim by taking photos of the scene. This includes both the outside and inside of your vehicle. However, you also want to take pictures of the surrounding area. Make sure you take photos of the street, any skid marks, nearby traffic signs, the weather and your injuries. Your insurance agent needs all this information.

3. Accept the insurance company's first offer

There are numerous expenses associated with traffic collisions. There is the cost to repair your vehicle as well as any medical bills you incur. Before you know how much everything will cost, your insurance agency may provide you with a settlement offer. Even if it seems like a good amount, it is still preferable to have your attorney review the offer first. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be able to receive a lot more money. 

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