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Importance of expunging juvenile records

There is a process available that can make it immensely easier to obtain employment in the future even with a criminal record. This is expungement, and it is the process of sealing criminal records so that misdemeanors do not show up on a background check. While it can be tough to get a record expunged, many Americans do not even attempt the process simply because they do not know about it. 

Expungement can be extremely beneficial, especially if a person committed a crime while still a minor. A mistake made while someone was still a teenager should not impact him or her throughout life. There are many factors a judge considers in these cases, including the person's age at the time of the crime, the degree of the offense and the overall criminal history. 

Assistance in finding employment

In many cases, expungement makes a previous crime appear as though it had never existed from a legal standpoint. This means, in some cases, that if a person were filling out a job application, then he or she would not have to disclose the criminal history. However, that is only in some cases, and there may be times were a charge becomes legally expunged, but the person still needs to inform employers of the criminal past. It is important to understand that expungement has limits, and the court cannot control what information people can find on the internet. 

Aid in finding money for college

There are some college scholarships and grants out there that do not provide funds to students with a criminal record. Teenagers who made a mistake may have their futures in jeopardy if they cannot afford to go to college. 

There are some limitations when it comes to expungement. For example, if the arrest was for a DUI, then the person's insurance company may still take that incident into consideration when determining auto insurance payments. 

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