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What to do if you are unable to make child support payments

Sometimes previously court-ordered child support obligations turn out to be unfeasible. If you are having trouble making child support payments due to losing your job, experiencing a change in income or sustaining a serious injury, you might be desperate to change your child support arrangement.

Thankfully, child support modification is possible. Here are some tips to follow as you begin the process of modifying your obligations.

Talk to your ex

The best scenario is coming to an agreement with your ex. Strike up a conversation with her about the possibility of adjusting your prior arrangement. While agreeing might be difficult, you might want to try your best to avoid the financial and emotional expenses of litigating it through the court. You might consider mediation to modify your child support agreement.

Keep making payments

Make your required payments to the best of your ability throughout this process. Paying as much as you can and putting in your best effort will show that you are serious about caring for your child despite difficult circumstances.

Document your life changes

Keep detailed records of the changes in your circumstances. Whether you experienced a job loss, medical disability or significant change in income after the existing order was put into place, document it thoroughly. Also document your efforts of finding new employment.

Ask the court

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you and your ex might not be able to agree. In this case, you will need to request a court hearing for changing your child support payments. Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to get a temporary or permanent modification.

If you are struggling to make payments, make sure to follow these tips as soon as possible to make modifications. You do not want to build up unpaid child support as arrears. For detailed guidance on how to modify child support, consult a divorce lawyer.

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