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How to keep yourself from getting into car accidents

Car accidents are extremely common, and no one can predict when one will happen. However, preventative measures such as the following can minimize the chances that you are involved in an accident.

1. Looks count

On t he road, pay attention to the appearance of a car. For example, a dirty or damaged car may suggest a driver who is easily distracted .

2. Behavior counts, too

A driver's behavior is significant. Get as far as you can from a car that is drifting. Whatever the cause, be it a cellphone or a screaming infant in the back seat, you do not want to be near a distracted driver.

3. Take care at night

Night brings obstacles that are not present in the day. A lack of light is one; an increased likelihood of drivers who are drunk or fatigued is another.. Also, before teens or new drivers drive solo at night, should practice driving when it is dark with an experienced driver.

4. Wear seat belts - always

Seat belt use is imperative to protect yourself in case of an accident and to get yourself into a proactive mindset. While you can wear them and still get into car accidents, being vigilant about their use puts you in the right frame of mind as you drive. It is an effect that carries over into many aspects of your driving behavior.

5. Keep your car in good shape

Car maintenance, from getting regular oil changes to ensuring your windshield wipers and tires are in good condition, does a lot to prevent accidents. For example, old wipers limit your visibility and reduce the time you have to react.

6. Avoid the left lane

Use the left lane primarily to pass; otherwise, stick to middle lanes and to the right lane. This way, you have options if you need to move in a hurry. Swerving onto the shoulder can prevent you from hitting another car, for example.

The above tips are a good start to help you stay safe on the roads. If you do become involved or injured in an accident, speaking with an attorney can help you determine how to move forward.

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