Writing Effective Wills

Wills are the most basic element of estate planning. That does not mean they are easy to create, although there are many do-it-yourself will services that would have you believe otherwise. The reality is that, in order to be effective, wills must be customized based on your situation and they must contain clear language that states your wishes. All too often, people purchase cheap wills or attempt DIY wills, only to leave family members struggling in probate or litigation because something was not addressed or the writing was unclear.

Wills That Give You Peace Of Mind

At Solomon, Berschler, Campbell & Thomas, P.C., in Norristown, Pennsylvania, our attorneys create wills that give you peace of mind.

The process starts with listening to you, learning about your situation and getting to know your goals. We ask questions and gather all of the information we need before moving forward. When we are ready to move forward, we will create a document that is designed specifically for you. We will explain what the language means and how it addresses your goals. You will be confident that, when the time comes, your assets will pass on to your loved ones correctly without fear of will contests or estate disputes.

Is A Will Enough?

Wills are powerful tools, but they do have some limitations. Depending on your assets, preparing a will might be sufficient to meet your needs. However, if you have substantial assets or more unique goals than simply passing your assets on to your beneficiaries, you may need more estate planning than just a will.

By working with you and understanding your goals, we can make recommendations that are right for you. If you only need a will, we will not recommend anything more. If we believe that you could benefit from a trust or other estate planning tools, we will recommend accordingly.

Probate Of Wills

In addition to creating wills, we also handle probate of wills and all other facets of estate administration.

Discuss Wills In A Consultation

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