Case Results

Leno's Recent Settlements and Case Results:


  1. Mr. Thomas was instrumental in resolving a medical malpractice claim for $4,500,000 when a patient suffered a cardiac arrest and died shortly after cosmetic surgery.
  2. Mr. Thomas obtained a policy limit settlement of $1,500,000 for the wrongful death of a patron at a private social club. The defendants initially offered $0 and sought to have the case dismissed.
  3. Mr. Berschler and Mr. Thomas won a $1,000,000 policy limits settlement for a motor vehicle accident.
  4. Mr. Thomas negotiated a policy limit settlement of $340,000 for a client who sustained a fractured pelvis in a motorcycle accident.
  5. After a car accident, Mr. Thomas settled the case for the policy limits of $250,000.
  6. Mr. Thomas won a $180,000 settlement for a premise liability accident.
  7. Mr. Thomas won a $145,000 settlement for a trip-and-fall accident.
  8. Mr. Thomas resolved a low impact motor vehicle accident for the policy limits of $140,000.
  9. Mr. Thomas settled a slip and fall case for $150,000 for a client with a fractured foot.
  10. Mr. Thomas obtained a settlement of $250,000 for an individual that was struck while standing in the middle of the road at night directing traffic.
  11. Mr. Thomas has secured frequent confidential settlements for high value dollar amounts.
  12. Mr. Thomas has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.


  1. Mr. Thomas was able to have aggravated assault and battery charges dismissed at the preliminary hearing.
  2. Mr. Thomas secured a not guilty verdict for client accused of aggravated assault and felony assault with a deadly weapon.
  3. Mr. Thomas successfully resolved a federal RICO case involving organized crime, bookmaking, loan sharking and extortion with no jail time for his client.
  4. Mr. Thomas secured a not guilty verdict after a week of trial by jury for a client charged with attempted homicide with a knife
  5. Mr. Thomas has successfully resolved numerous possession with intent to distribute matters.
  6. Mr. Thomas routinely handles narcotics matters and litigates them to acquittal or nontrial disposition that does not involve jail time.
  7. Mr. Thomas has been interviewed by multiple news outlets for several cases, including the CBS Evening news for a criminal case that made national headlines. Client served no jail time.
  8. Mr. Thomas has successfully litigated and obtained the dismissal of numerous criminal matters.

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