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Navy player injured in car crash

Sports fans in Pennsylvania may be interested to hear of a recent and tragic car accident that has left one college football player fighting for his life. The Navy football team suffered a heavy blow just prior to the traditional Army-Navy rivalry game this year when one of its team members suffered a brain injury in a car accident. The third-string quarterback for the Navy Midshipmen was hospitalized in Miami, his hometown, after a one-car accident that left him seriously injured. Doctors have placed the young man in a medically induced coma due to his injuries.

The young man was heading to the airport to catch a flight back to the Naval Academy when he found out his flight was delayed. He and his friend, who was driving the car, decided to stop at a restaurant on their way to the airport. The friend was driving in a heavy fog and apparently became disoriented when he missed a turn, driving into the side of a house. Both young men were taken to a local hospital with injuries that required hospital staff to place both men in medically induced comas.

Although the victim is currently fighting an infection and high blood pressure due to his condition, there is word that he may be improving. His coaches and teammates are hoping for a full recovery.

A personal injury attorney often has to evaluate the basis of a brain injury accident to determine the best way for the victim to collect damages. These cases can be very complicated because it is not always clear at the time of the accident exactly how much mental and physical damage will result or how much progress will be made toward recovery. It is always best when victims can recover from these terrible accidents, but if the victim is left with permanent brain damage or physical disabilities, a personal injury attorney can work with the victim or the family to recover money to pay for these losses.

Source:, "Navy somber after player's injury in car accident," Joe Juliano, Nov. 29, 2012


Research in this type of case is extremely important, because it helps in the process of clarifying the facts, also helps to find a possible culprit may be sued for any injury and will take care of any compensation for the victim

It is true that these cases can be very complicated without knowing how they are going to turn out & the extent of any injuries. It is important to have an attorney in such cases so you may be able to help the victim immensely when they recover since there would be many medical bills.
I have since read in the Capital Gazzete that the player mentioned in this post is now out of his medically induced coma & is responding to commands given by his family & doctors. We wish the young man a full recovery.

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