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Driver identified in accident causing Whitehall woman's death

The Lehigh County District Attorney has announced that the driver in a fatal car accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike has been identified. The accident took place in Washington Township and involved several cars during a traffic jam. The driver, a man from Media, allegedly hit a line of cars near the Lehigh Tunnel. One victim, a 29-year-old woman from Whitehall township, was killed.

A Maryland state trooper happened to be in one of the vehicles hit during the collision. He attempted to rescue the victim, along with other witnesses, but flames engulfing the car became too high to permit a rescue. The trooper was able to help some of the other victims escape their vehicles.

The driver, along with his wife who was a passenger in his vehicle, sustained minor injuries in the crash. The situation apparently began when a tractor-trailer truck that was hauling bananas caught fire when it crashed north of the Lehigh Tunnel, blocking traffic. The victim in this case was in one of the stopped vehicles when the suspect drove into the line of cars. Debris from the accidents eventually resulted in 18 miles of the road being shut down.

A personal injury attorney must examine the facts of any accident case and use information from accident reconstruction experts to determine exactly what happened. In this case, the family of the deceased woman may be able to file a wrongful death suit against the driver for causing the pain, suffering, and ultimate demise of the victim. A personal injury lawyer can advise the family of their rights in this matter.

Source: The Morning Call, "Driver in fatal turnpike crash is identified," Kevin Amerman, Dec. 23, 2012


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Truly an unnecessary accident! My heart goes out to this woman from Whitehall Township's family! Heartbreaking to loose someone this way.
If you plan to get behind the wheel of a vehicle, maintain patience and consideration... you're not the only one on the road. It could save a life! Stay safe.

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